Kleenex Facial Tissues, Ultra Soft & Strong, 120 tissues, 3 pk (Designs May Vary)

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Kleenex Facial Tissues, Ultra Soft & Strong, 120 tissues, 3 pk (Designs May Vary)
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Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissue, 120 count, Pack of 3, is designed to provide you with an ultra soft tissue that is effective when you have a cold or when removing make-up or facial dirt. This Kleenex facial tissue is equipped with a strong sneeze shield that helps prevent germs from spreading. This Kleenex Tissue comes in a pack of three 120-count boxes.

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Best Wallet in My Purse

Besides my credit card the kleenex ultra soft slim wallet is the best thing in my purse. It's attractive and keeps my year round allergies in check-and no longer are kleenexes all over my purse. Instead they're in a pretty kleenex wallet. Thanks Kleenex!


Bad smell

I have been using the same Kleenex brand tissue for over 20 years. In the last 6 months, the majority of the boxes I purchase have a bad smell in the tissue. Has something changed in your manufacturing process? I have always loved this brand, but this may cause me to explore other options.

disappointed customer

Much less soft

I too have been a loyal customer for years. The product softness has significantly decreased. It is now rough. If Kleenex is being honest and has not changed their formula and process, then their supplier of raw materials is different or has changed. Fix this please.


Not so soft

I have been a 20 year+ loyal Kleenex buyer because I have year-round allergies. The Ultra Soft Doux we're the best. For some months now, I have noticed the Ultra Soft product line is much rougher. I was happy to find a good box recently and realized that it was just because it was an older one at the bottom of my storage cabinet. Something changed!! Now buying Puffs but don't really like them much either.

Lady LaVerne

Color coordinate

I like the color palette on your exisiting boxes but I would love to have the option to design my own tissue boxes.