Kleenex Facial Tissues, Ultra Soft & Strong, 120 tissues, 3 pk (Designs May Vary)

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Kleenex Facial Tissues, Ultra Soft & Strong, 120 tissues, 3 pk (Designs May Vary)
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Kleenex Ultra Soft Facial Tissue, 120 count, Pack of 3, is designed to provide you with an ultra soft tissue that is effective when you have a cold or when removing make-up or facial dirt. This Kleenex facial tissue is equipped with a strong sneeze shield that helps prevent germs from spreading. This Kleenex Tissue comes in a pack of three 120-count boxes.

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Kleenex are ok

I’ve made this purchase quite a bit. But after having discovered another brand here at Walmart, I’ve come to realize that Kleenex tissues are not as soft as tissue can be. They’re still effective for everyday needs but not for a sore nose.


Kleenex are ok

I love these Kleenex. They are soft enough so that they don't make your nose sore when you have to use one after another due to cold or allergies. But what I like best is that they are soft without the lotion, so they don't leave behind that yucky lotion feeling on your upper lip. I hate that! And if you've got a cold or suffering from severe allergies...I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!


Utra Soft

I cannot say enough about the Kleenex ultra soft tissues! While dog/house sitting for a friend I came to realize there were no tissues in the house. (Toilet paper is not even close to a tissue, sorry..) I normally buy what's on sale... Puff's, etc. However, today I picked up a box of ultra soft Kleenex. It truly is soft and doesn't leave behind any tissue particles! I love the purple box color too! How did you know I like purple? LOL! I don't normally make the time to right a review, but when I feel a company has a great product, I'll make the time! Best regards.



As so many others I have used this tissue for years. Lately they leave lint/tissue fuzz all over the nose area. What’s going on!?


Stinky tissues - beware!

I have been using the ultra soft tissues for a while. The last ones received (flat box) have a disgusting smell. I can't even get them close to my nose. Now I use these to wipe spills on the floor. Waste of money - what happened to these tissues???