Georgie Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy

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Georgie Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy
MSRP : $139.95

Sale : $84.97
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Get a new best friend to love and cuddle when you adopt the Georgie Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy. He looks and act real and is super soft. The Georgie toy responds to your voice with 12 commands and over 100 interactions. He can high five, dance, sit, stay, and more. This electronic puppy toy also comes with a rope toy for tug-o-war, a neck bandana, and a training guide so you can get the most use from your new friend. The battery is rechargeable and the packaging doubles as a carrier. You can also use the hang tag as a collar and ID tag. Whether he wants to cuddle or get in trouble, Georgie is the pet for you.

Georgie Interactive Plush Electronic Puppy:
  • Georgie looks and acts so real, just like a real puppy
  • He's super soft, perfect for cuddling time
  • Georgie toy responds to kids by 12 voice commands and over 100 interactions of random puppy behavior
  • Behavior includes:
    • High Five
    • Let's Dance
    • Sit Down, Stay, Stand up
    • Tug-O-War
    • Selfie
    • And more
  • Includes 1 Golden Retriever interactive puppy, rope toy, neck bandana, puppy training guide
  • Packaging doubles as carrier and hang tag can be repurposed as a collar and ID tag for Georgie
  • Georgie's size: 12"W x 7"D x 12"H
  • Rechargeable battery and cord
  • Ages: 6+ years
  • Loves to cuddle and get into trouble





Good friend for the elderly

After reading some reviews I was worried about having purchased this for my elderly mom in-law. The concern I had was that some people said it didn't hear kids voices. My in-law has a very quiet voice, my advice is to only let the person it is meant for play with it. She likes Georgie a lot and since she is bed ridden she now has a friend with her at all times.


Cute toy

my 10 yo has this. Sale price was very good. I wouldn't let her pay full price since the original cost seemed very high. It isn't cuter than I expected. I think it picks up background noise, making it harder to hear the commands. I hear her say, hey Georgie, a lot. I tell her to turn off the TV or move to a quieter room. Usually it works well though. I think you need to speak clearly to it for it to respond. So far she likes it. Not sure when the novelty will wear off but it was her money, not mine, so I am not worried about that.


Nice - but don't let my grandkids read this!

Worked unexpectedly WELL! Great price compared to other dealers. Merry Christmas!


Georgie needs obedience lessons

When Georgie arrived in the mail, my 4 kids were ecstatic. We got him out and immediately started playing with him. When we would say "Hey, Georgie!" he would respond, but he wouldn't respond to any of the other commands except tug of war when we put the rope in his mouth (which was pretty cute). So, I figured he wasn't listening because he needed to be charged, so we hooked him up and waited until the light turned green and tried again. He still wasn't listening to any commands and just wanted to do Tug of War even though the rope wasn't in his mouth. I tried pressing the button in his mouth to release that command and that finally stopped the tug of war but he still wouldn't do the other commands most of the time. We got him to do a few other commands but it was rare and hard to do. I tried different voices (high/low pitch, fast/slow) and had all 4 of my kids try. He did seem to respond best to my 5 yr olds voice but even then, he listened to only about 1 in every 8 or so commands. For the price of this toy, I expected way better of a response.