Gilmour 27-58050 5/8" X 50' Water Weeper/Soft Soaking Water Hose

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Gilmour 27-58050 5/8" X 50' Water Weeper/Soft Soaking Water Hose
MSRP : $52.99

Sale : $22.27
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This Gilmour 27-58050 5/8" X 50' Water Weeper/Soft Soaker Water Hose ensures even, thorough and gentle watering for your garden. It can be used alongside flower beds around plants and above or below the ground. The Gilmour water hose is made from a flexible vinyl material with brass couplings for a secure connection.
Gilmour 27-58050 5/8" X 50' Water Weeper/Soft Soaking Water Hose:
  • 50' water hose with 5/8" diameter
  • Water soaks the ground through thousands of pores
  • Made from flexible vinyl
  • Brass couplings


SUPERIOR to Home Depot and Lowe's Products

If you want a REAL QUALITY drip hose, this is the one ! Drip Hoses sold at Ace Stores, Home Depot, and Lowe's are inferior to this USA MADE Gilmour hose ! Uses Standard 5/8' fittings if you want to cut and make custom lengths. This hose is an exceptional bargain. If you are getting this 50 foot Gilmour Drip hose for less than $30.00, it's a steal! This drip hose will last and last. Mine have lasted for 6+ years being left out in the freezing cold winter each year. I just needed to add another one this year because I planted a bigger garden . $30 or less, you are a getting a really good deal


Does not crack or break, remains flexable for ever

Have user soak-er hoses in Texas for years, all others break and crack up and have to be replaced each year. These you can move them, store them or leave them in place, do not kink up crack or break. Have used the same ones for four years now.


Expands with use

The hose isn't the usual soak-er hose I expected. It doesn't bead the water and then drip into the ground. It is more like a mini sprinkler with soft jets of water coming out of it. It expands to twice it's size when in use. It does a good job in displacing water. It is more like a sprinkler than a gentle soak hose. It allows some run off.


great hose

this is a tangle-free hose- one you can walk away from and still get the job done- like this hose!!!


Does a good job.

Does exactly what I need done, it waters my foundation and I use it to water my magnolia tree. Very efficient.