Oster Top Chop Food Chopper, 4-Cup Capacity (FPSTMC1250)

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Oster Top Chop Food Chopper, 4-Cup Capacity (FPSTMC1250)
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Make quick work of everyday food preparation in the kitchen with the help of the Oster Top Chop 4-Cup Chopper. Equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor, this powerful chopper offers a large work bowl with a four-cup capacity. The Oster food chopper comes with a built-in measuring scale for precise measurements while cooking. The chopper has razor-sharp stainless steel chopping blades, allowing you to chop, shred and grind a wide array of foods with ease. A simple press 'n pulse button provides greater control, so you can achieve better, more precise chopping results. With the red Oster chopper, you can chop vegetables and herbs neatly, shred soft cheese in seconds or grind hard nuts effortlessly. The stylish metallic red finish will add a splash of color to your kitchen decor. The chopper's dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a breeze.
  • Food chopper chops, shreds, and grinds food quickly and precisely
  • Press 'n Pulse button for easy use - simply press down to pulse the blades
  • Powerful 250-watt motor handles tough chopping and grinding tasks
  • 4-cup chopping bowl features a large mouth to accommodate food without pre-chopping
  • Built-in measuring scale for precise results
  • Dishwasher-safe parts and removable stainless steel chopping blades for easy cleanup


Not user friendly

This product is difficult to use. You have to place the motor into the lid and feed them both onto the shaft of the blade, with no way to see what you are doing. The shaft wobbles a little, making placement awkward. I wanted to chop something last night and it took 8 tries to get it to work properly. I wouldn't recommend this product. Oster should have done better on this design.



It's a great product, not only does it cut onions but it does pretty while cutting chesse for macaroni. You may have to cut it down down a litttle by hand but it does the most major part of the work.


Great job and easiest clean up!

So, when I first opened the box I first noticed the brilliant red top, it was stunning! It also appeared to have a good bit of capacity which as a mom I appreciate. Then. I looked at blade and got a little worried, I was expecting 2 layers of blades and this had only one. But I put my fears aside and started my first try, I wanted to make my 7 month old some purees so I roasted a squash and with only a little water when I tapped the button and was blown away, voila! In less than 2 minutes I had perfect puree of squash. I made a few other baby foods with great success. My favorite part is it cleans up super easily, barely even have to scrub! Super happy with its performance and ease of use! The only thing I will say I was not so happy with is I tried to make a very small batch of avocado dressing and all the pieces stayed pushed against the sides, not getting processed. Fortunately it isn't often I have to make really small batches of things so overall I am pleased and would recommend to a friend!


Little Extra Powerful

This is a good Chopper. I bought both this one and another traditional one from Oster. This one chops a bit finer that your expectation. Can term it as more powerful. Its good to get the work done quickly but at times when you need chopped pieces, it reduced it to very fine watery chops. The Bigger capacity though is a good improvement and helps particularly with leafy veggies. So overall a good product but dont try chopping an apple, cauliflower or an onion for pieces. It just chops them too fine to cook and eat.



I've only used it once so far and it's ok. I like how the motor is removable for easier cleanup. And it's the perfect size for regular use and storage. I chopped 2 bell peppers and a small onion all together with no problems. More than I could fit in my other mini processer that broke. So far so good. I agree with a previous review that the blades do sit low and cause uneven chopping but for the price, I'm ok with that.