30" Multi-Material Cat Scratching Post (Colors May Vary)

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30" Multi-Material Cat Scratching Post (Colors May Vary)
MSRP : $31.73

Sale : $29.49
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Give your feline friend a variety of surfaces to scratch with this 30'' Multi-Material Carpet Scratching Post. It has a carpeted top and bottom and a middle section wrapped in sisal rope to help sharpen your cat's claws and keep her from scratching your furniture, rugs and window dressings. The sisal lasts about twice as long as the carpet and will provide countless hours of activity for your pet. This 30" cat scratching post is an ideal size for smaller living spaces. Colors may vary.

Multi-Material 30" Cat Scratching Post:
  • Has a carpeted base and top
  • Wrapped with sisal rope material on its middle section
  • Sisal lasts about twice as long as carpet
  • Helps keep your cat from scratching furniture, rugs and other surfaces
  • Ideal size for smaller living spaces
  • Pet scratching post colors may vary


It works!!

My cat is no longer using the back of the couch as her scratching post! I'm so happy! The scratching post is well made. It is heavy enough that it does NOT tip! It came fully assembled. The color is very neutral. It is tall enough for the cat to fully stretch out. I'm so glad that I decided to purchase this for my cat.


OK, but different

The product shipped was actually blue rather than tan. The top of the scratching post, again different from the photograph, was not carpeted except at the edges, and was a simple plastic cap, which cat finds uninviting. (On previous scratching post, which did look like the one pictured, he would like to climb and perch on the top)



This is a great option if you have a long legged cat like mine. Soren can jump the fridge with no problems so a tall scratching post was a must. I like the siscol rope since carpet alone would be trashed in a matter of weeks. This post should last well over a year. I looked every where for a post just like this & the prices were unreal! I never thought to look at Walmart.com. Glad I did.



I love this item due to it's heighth, my big cats love to be able to stretch and scratch it. When I first brought it home I rubbed cat nip all over it and they both use it everyday.


Excellent product

It is a great product!!!! My cat love to scratch that post, and don't scratch my furniture anymore. Since I bought it, my cat start using it on its own, I think it is an excellent product at a little price. The height is perfect, because cats love to stretch when they scratch, and with this height they can do it very well, also they love the sisal material. I'll highly recommend it.