26" Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Furniture

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26" Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Furniture
MSRP : $25.85

Sale : $21.59
Sold & shipped by Walmart

26" Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Furniture:

  • 26" high
  • Scratching post covered with carpet
  • Carpet cover created using recycled remnants
  • Carpet color and texture vary; please allow us to select a color for you
Make your cat happy, distract him from clawing your furniture and rugs and help the environment all at once with this 26" Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Furniture made from recycled carpet remnants. The recycled remnants used on this Cat Scratching Furniture come in a variety of colors and textures, giving your cat hours of varied scratching and climbing pleasure. This pet scratching post can be used in many places in your home, keeping your cat from destroying furniture. Please note that the carpet color and texture of this 26" Carpeted Cat Scratching Post Furniture may vary.


Tall Enough For Adult Cats

Whoa! A bargain! Easily $25 at a pet specialty store. Details should include the fact that scratcher is catnip-infused, so my cats readily took to it and abandoned their old shredded, shedding sisal scratch post. This post is tall enough for the biggest adult cat to stretch full-length as he scratches. Only drawback: glued seam will eventually give way, but I will then simply cover seam with decorative duct tape; they avoid that tape, I have noticed. Excellent buy!


Just the right size for my big kitty.

My female kitty who isn't a light weight can easily scratch and play on this scratching post without it falling over. She played on it a few minutes after I took it out of the box


There is a plastic cap on top of the pole

My cat loves these carpeted cat poles, and she needed a new one, so I ordered this one. In the photo shown on the Walmart site it appears as though the top of the pole is covered with carpet, but the one I received has a hard plastic cap across the top with a hole in it. It looks like it is the base for a larger cat pole. The hard plastic cap makes the carpeted cat pole a lot less fun for my cat because she can't hang from the top of it, and she can't perch on top of it. I am thinking maybe someone sent me the wrong type of pole because, again, the hard plastic cap does have a hole in it that I assume you can attach another piece to. Anyway, it is too much of a bother to send this back. The box it came in was ridiculously huge, but I wouldn't recommend purchasing this if they all come with this cap on top. I have included a photo so you can see.


Great price for quality product.

This is just a plain, no frills scratching post, taller than usual (which is hard to find), and excellent value for good quality construction.


Shredding post

Yes, it is a cats scratching post but what it became in less than one week was a shredding post. I picked up handfulls of carpet fibers every day. The one I bought from Walmart 4 months ago was fine but this one is worthless. Don't know whar its problem is but I hope I can find one like the last one again.