Sertapedic Ultimate Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad

By: Serta

Sertapedic Ultimate Protection Waterproof Mattress Pad
MSRP : $30.28

Sale : $19.96
Sold & shipped by Walmart
This Sertapedic Ultimate Protetion Mattress Pad features a QuietAssurance waterproof barrier that provides maximum mattress protection with less noise. The soft microfiber cover features stain release technology, so it is easy to clean. This mattress pad will stay fresh as it is filled with Ecofresh hypoallergenic polyester. Sleep easy knowing that Staymade corners keep the pad in place. Don't forget your Sertapedic Pillow.
  • Waterproof barrier provides maximum protection
  • Stain-release microfiber cover
  • Fits mattress up to 18"
  • Staymade corners keep the pad in place
  • Hypoallergenic polyester fill with Ecofresh keeps pad fresh


Liner and pad separate and pad is loose

We had high hopes for a name brand mattress pad. After all, Serta. What can go wrong. Well, the pad itself is separated from the liner. We have the liner as tight as it can get on our king size bed. We use the elastic garter-belt type fasteners holding the pad liner tight. I could not get this thing any tighter. We even added a memory foam pad to add thickness to the mattress. But the pad itself is a separate piece of material and bunches up all night long and slips around. The edges pucker. We would NOT recommend this product to anybody looking for a good night sleep.


Ripped along the side while putting on bed

While we were putting this on the bed for the first time, it completely tore along the side. It looks similar to the way nylons look when they have a run in them. We did not forcefully stretch this-- it happened with no effort at all. I am not impressed with the quality of this pad, it is not worth the extra price over the store-brand pad.


Good quality and fit

Bought this for my camping trailer bed and it fits the RV 'short queen' just great. It's also a lot thicker and nicer than I expected. I had bought and returned one made specifically for RV beds but it didn't fit well (popped off the bed) and had cost considerably more than this one. Very pleased!


2 year old approved

I was super nervous to buy any mattress pad as my son got a new bed (bunk bed with trundle) and I bought 3 new mattresses and would be needing 3 mattress pads. Felt this one in the store and although I was nervous about the reviews, I decided to give it a try. It didn't take long in the new bed for my 2 year old to have an accident. NOTHING got on the mattress! Worked perfectly! Just washed it and didn't have any issues with that. I laid it outside to dry though as I don't want to chance putting it in the dryer. Now that it has passed the first accident test, I will be buying 2 more for the other mattresses. Very excited about this purchase!


best waterproof cover

Excellent soft cover. But be careful if you put it in the dryer. We ruined our first one in the dryer but it worked so well we bought another.