Scosche MAGDM MagicMOUNT Magnetic Dash Mount Moblie Devices

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Scosche MAGDM MagicMOUNT Magnetic Dash Mount Moblie Devices
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MagicMount is a new magnetic mounting system for conveniently mounting your smartphone, tablet and more. Just hover your device near the cell phone holder's magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place.

Scosche MAGDM MagicMOUNT Magnetic Dash Mount Mobile Devices:
  • Universal mount for smartphones, MP3 players and GPS devices
  • Uses adhesive backing to mount to your car dash
  • Adjustable, cradle-free design
  • Scosche magnetic dash mount is heat and cold resistant
  • Includes 2 magnetic plates (small and large)


Excellently designed device holder

Had heard about this through other's and read a lot of reviews before purchasing. Have tried several different types of holders over the years, many significantly more expensive then this one. Put one on my Camaro to hold my Gremlin NAV; was so impressed bought two more for our other vehicles. Installs in minutes and makes moving devices from one vehicle to another easy. The only suggestion I have is to use an adhesive promotor when adhering the mount to the dash, especially if you mount it on the front of the dash as I did.


Phone Stayed in Place During Major Accident

I purchased one of these magnetic mounts in December of 2016. I placed the magnet for the phone between my phone case and the back of my iPhone and mounted the car piece using the provided adhesive on the dash of my car. In January of 2017 I was sitting at a red light on a busy road. A teenager who was texting didn't notice the stopped traffic ahead and rear ended me going 45 mph. From the impact, my car was pushed completely across the other lane and into the center median of the road. My Nissan was smashed like an accordion and everything not tied down came flying into the front seat of the car. In that moment of complete shock, with injuries, I looked up and my phone was exactly where I left it - on this mount. I was able to reach my phone and call 911 for help. I was amazed that it did not move one bit with such a drastic impact. Needless to say, I purchased a second MagicMount for my new car. I'm not sure if other magnetic mounts would hold up like this one - but I am so glad that this one did.


Great product and excellent customer supprt

I recently purchased this for my husband after trying 2 other kinds. He loved it so much that I ended up buying one for myself. After I installed into my car, I was having issues with my music skipping when playing over Bluetooth. This seemed very odd but once I removed the phone from the mount it stopped skipping. I contacted Scosche support about the issue as I couldn't find much online to fix the problem. Damon in Scosche customer service was quick to respond (within 10 minutes of my email). He asked a few questions - type of phone, where the plate is on my phone, etc... He offered a few solutions and if none of those worked, he would send me a new plate for the phone or a different mount that didn't require a magnet at no charge. In the end, it was a user error as I put the plate in the wrong location for my type of phone. It's now working perfectly! I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for a low profile, easy to attach phone mount. But look up where the plate should go on your phone as every phone is different - it can interfere with the phone's performance. :)


Very sturdy!

I really like this mount. I previously used the GripGo but started to get a little annoyed with the sticky stuff. This product is very sturdy, mounts well to flat and curved surfaces and the magnet is super cool. I have a iPhone 5c and the magnet works great through my phone case. Well worth it for the price.


Magnetic dash mount

The dash mount works great with my smartphone. It adheres well to the dashboard and has a strong magnet tosecure the phone while driving.