Evenflo - Breathable Soft Infant Carrier, Marianna

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Evenflo - Breathable Soft Infant Carrier, Marianna
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The Evenflo Breathable Soft Infant Carrier is a reliable tool for parents who are always on the go but want to keep their baby as close to them as possible. The carrier offers two carrying positions, with the baby facing in or facing out. It comes with a removable bib and added padding in the head rest and shoulder straps where a baby will lean his or her head. The Marianne Evenflo breathable carrier is suited for children weighing 7 to 25 lbs. It is easy and safe to use with the single side-entry buckle and patented automatically adjustable back straps. The Evenflo infant carrier is designed with SecureLock buckles to keep your little one safe as you move. It is also care for and is machine washable.
Evenflo Breathable Soft Infant Carrier, Marianna:
  • For children 7 to 25 lbs
  • Evenflo infant carrier is versatile with 2 carrying positions: baby can face in or face out
  • Breathable mesh panels to help you and baby keep cool
  • Removable bib
  • Added padding on the head rest and shoulder straps where it counts
  • SecureLock buckles baby in safely
  • Padded back straps adjust automatically for complete comfort
  • Side entry buckle clicks to help keep baby secure
  • Easy to clean fabric and machine washable


MY daughter love it-very comfortable for her.

The style is very nice! This is a comfortable carrier for my daughter.. she was 3 months when I got this.. now she is 6 months.. she doesn't cry in it.. she does fall asleep in it so that is good that it keeps her comfortable. I try putting the carrier in the other way like the carrier is in my back instead of the front... it is comfortable for me and it gives me more room to do things... also it gives her more of a view looking the other way instead of just looking at me... overall this is a very good carrier and I love it... I am a mother of two girls.. one is 5years old and now one is 6 months.. I think that is enough for the kids in my life =)


MY daughter love it-very comfortable for her.

I really liked this infant carrier. I had two children before and I never needed to use one, but now my daugther doesn't like the swing or the bouncer. So I bought this so that I can get stuff done around the house. I use it for outings as well. I also realized that I can nurse her while she is sitting in it. Which is awesome for outings, because it offers privacy without being uncomfortable for her or me. I don't like to keep her in it for extended periods of time. But as soon as I set her in it, she's asleep in 5 minutes. I started using it when she was a couple weeks old, (about 5) and its still going strong!



I love the material and the comfort it provided for my daughter



This carrier is comfortable, sturdy, and very cute! My daughter loves being in it especially since she could be facing both inward or outward. Definitely a good product with a great price!


Not great for back pain

If you have any back issues beware, i can carry my 10lb for hours without pain but 15 min in this carrier and my back was killing me. I just took it off and carried him in my arms for the entire shopping trip