Mainstays 14" Round Wood Caddy

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Mainstays 14" Round Wood Caddy
MSRP : $7.97

Sale : $4.48
Sold & shipped by Walmart
This Mainstays Round Wood Caddy has nylon locking wheels and holds up to an 18-inch, 150-pound planter.

Mainstays 14" Round Wood Caddy:
  • 14" round wood caddy with nylon locking wheels
  • Holds up to 18" planter
  • Moves heavy plants up to 150 lbs


The best wooden caddy you can find

Good looking and good quality for indoor usage. The lock of wheel prevent loaded pots from incidental moving. The cost is very competitive compare to other similar types of caddy . We like it very much and bought a dozen for our sun room. One of them with a missing wheel but Walmart customer services quickly refund for that bad one. All other pieces wheels are pretty sturdy.


Sticker glue undermines Mainstays, ... again.

Lovely caddy, nicely priced, but I took THREE stars off for the sticker. Are you listening Mainstays? Using a glue that would hold a snow plow hanging from a tree limb in a wind tunnel is overkill to the point of ruinous. Bad enough on material you can scrub. This is varnished wood, .. now with an ugly permanent sticker.


Who wouldn't want a 6 dollar plant caddy!

The product looks good but after just 1 season of use it fell apart. The wood is not meant to be watered on, an since it is for outdoor plants...of course you will water your plants on it. I live in sunny California. Lesson learned, if an outdoor product has "mini office looking wheels" it should not be use for wet, heavy plant pots.


Round for round pots

Work fine. The sticker on the top is almost impossible to remove. The sticker should be glued to the bottom and not the top.


Piece of junk

First of all, I ordered this online for in-store pickup, and the 2-day shipping ended up taking a week for some reason. Not a good portent. The construction: The color is more red than the photo shows online, and was unevenly sprayed on. The topmost slats were evenly coated, but no attention was paid to the two structural slats. There are very visible areas that didn't have any color on them at all. Very ugly and cheap looking. The planter I needed this for was large enough to cover the whole thing, so I kept it despite its lacking aesthetics. In practice: I needed this for a very large outdoor planter. I put the planter on the caddy, filled it with dirt, and planted my plants. The very first time I moved it (just a few feet across the patio) two of the wheels collapsed. Now I don't even know what to do! I can't lift the planter! The whole thing weighs probably around 100 lbs - well below the 150 lb rating that this product claims. I don't understand why they would use these cheap office chair type casters rather than metal ones with solid wheels. What a piece of junk! I wish I'd returned it based on aesthetics alone and saved myself the rest of this debacle! I may keep the wood part and just replace the wheels with sturdier casters, or I may return the whole piece of junk on principle. I'm not even sure yet. I'll have to figure out how to get my planter off it before I can even decide on a plan of action. This whole thing has made me feel nothing but regret at having ordered it at every step of this particular journey.