Milton S-506 Dual Head Chuck Inflator Gauge

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Milton S-506 Dual Head Chuck Inflator Gauge
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Milton (S-506) Original Dual Head Chuck Tire Inflator Gauge - 15" Hose Milton Industries specializes in tire inflator gauges and this original S-506 dual chuck inflator gauge was the first gauge of its kind ever built in the industry. We were also the very first in the industry to offer replacement cartridges! Gauge and valve cartridges are both replaceable. This essential pneumatic tool is ideal for any vehicle trunk, home garage, or automotive shop. Dual head chuck inflator gauge is made of heavy duty construction which provides for long life, even under extreme use and conditions. Equipped with magnifying lens for full view of scale. USES: Auto, sport utility, truck, bicycle, Motorsport, trailers, motor homes/5th wheels (RVs), wheelbarrows, golf carts, lawn tractors, motorcycles, ATVs, and more. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: PSI: 10-60 Increments: 2 lb. *kPa: 80-840 (available via special order) Increments: 20 kPa Threads: ⅜-24 DRIVE SAFELY: Maintaining proper tire pressures improves vehicle handling, reduces risk of tire failure, improves fuel economy, and increases the life of your tires.
  • ACCURATE: Performance-tested and calibrated. Measures in pounds per square inch (PSI, 10-60, 2-lb. increments). Kilopascal readings also available per special order (kPa, 80-840, increments of 20).
  • DUAL HEAD CHUCK: Makes tire valves more accessible with the two heads for easier access.
  • INFLATOR: Heavy-duty construction. Magnifying window lens. Full-swivel chuck. 15-inch hose
  • REPLACEABLE PARTS: Gauge and valve cartridges can both be replaced.
  • MILTON: This is the first original gauge of this type ever built!


Issues with the Quality

Bought the product to use to inflate my tires, using it for about a month. Generally it gets good reviews, and is made in USA. Several times after inflating my tires, I got the tire pressure sign again. It did not make sense since I had filled the tires hours or a day ago, up to he recommended pressure of 32 psi. Finally, I used a different tire gauge to check the pressure, and it showed 24 psi. I checked the pressure on a gas station with another gauge - it showed 25 psi. The Milton gauge kept showing 32 psi. It turned out when the pressure with different gauges was showing 32 psi, the Milton gauge was showing around 38-39 psi. Apparently an issue with the quality/calibration. I am returning it now, unfortunately without the box (I never taught it would be defective). Hopefully takes it back.



I didn't purchase this item because I had a pressing need for it. I wanted it to fill a memory of the old gas stations we we hung around as kids. Constantly filling and checking our bike tires. This item fills the bill. The 506 is built to last, it's adjustable and repairable. It's fun to use. It's probably cheaper per pound than those 'dime store' gauges.


Took a while to get it

Looks ok but have not tried it yet.