Petmate 36" X 27" Deluxe Cedar Sleeper Dog Bed

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Petmate 36" X 27" Deluxe Cedar Sleeper Dog Bed
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This deluxe pillow-style dog bed is perfect for pets of all sizes. The Petmate 36" x 27" Sleeper Dog Bed is filled with aromatic cedar shavings, making it a natural flea repellant and a pleasant addition to any room. This red Dog Bed with Cedar offers your pet the ultimate in comfort.
Petmate 36" X 27" Deluxe Cedar Sleeper Dog Bed


its not filled w/ceder

same as the previous review it is already destroyed. I also orderd 2 and asked for the same color, and that's caused the quick distruction of both pillows. the dogs both fought after one pillow (the tan pillow, lol). I predicted this happening which is why I ask for 2 of the same color, and I got a blue one and a tan one. but the one thing I did not like is it is not stuffed with ceder, it is stuffed with a green nylon type fabric. I found this out the first night after the dogs sleeped on them, becasued they were already fighting over one pillow. for the price I would have to say spend an extra $10 and get a better pillow. But my dogs love thoses pillows, its just I have to pick up green filling every day and restuff them every day. Not alot my dogs are not to crazey but in the morning my puppy gets hyper and it happens.


Great Price, But Easily Destroyed

my dogs are nuts and tear up everything...this bed arrived at my apartment was placed on the floor and they loved it. 30 minutes later there was already a big hole thanks to my dachshund and my bichon thought it was a peepad. nice. But it is large, smells great (until peed on), and they love it


Dog bed

Nice and sturdy I use inside a doghouse....