Doskocil Products Wire Kennel 36x24x27

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Doskocil Products Wire Kennel  36x24x27
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Give your pet the comfort and security of home wherever you go with the home wire training kennel! Its fold down design is great for camping trips and travel. And the heavy gauge wire wont rust or break down, ensuring your pet's safety while in the kennel.
Doskocil Products Wire Kennel 36x24x27



I bought this crate less than a year ago and I only use it when my maintenance men need to come into the apartment so 90% of the time it is folded up. I go to unfold it today and the DOOR FELL OFF!!! the entire panel not the inlaid door like it came off its hinges the part where the panel is welded to the rest of the kennel!!!


Great Dog Kennel

Great for my 4 Chihuahua's They are so well behaved in there new Kennel . It was so easy to put up I am a women and i put it together in less the 5 Minutes . I bought It for the dogs so wene I get company or step out for a while they can stay in it and be well behaved thank you walmart .



My dog is a 105lb Chocolate Lab and he fits just fine in this kennel. He can even turn around if he wants without any problems. This kennel has held up for over 3 years with only one minor problem which is that the plastic liner cracked. I put down a padded cushion and an old comforter on the bottom so he's not laying on something hard. If after 3 years that small crack in the plastic tray is the only problem I've had, I'd say I got my money's worth out of it and it's worth every penny!


Awesome product

I bought this for my daughter , granddaugher an their new puppy (10 week old boxer.) They love it .. the puppy loves it. He never cried while being in there.. He has plenty of room to grow. Made sturdy and a great price. Fast shipment also.. If your thinking of gettting this .. go for it!


Definately buyable

this is a good, cheap, item, i bought this about a year ago and the only thing i dont like is that the bottom tray has broken, and the replacements are a bundle...enough to pay a few more bucks to buy a brand new kennel..wish they were a bit chaper.