Planters Deluxe Whole Lightly Salted Cashews, 18.25 Oz

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Planters Deluxe Whole Lightly Salted Cashews, 18.25 Oz
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Enjoy a nutritious snack with Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Cashews. These protein-packed, kosher nuts are made with sea salt and have 50 percent less sodium than the original product. These lightly salted Planters whole cashews, 18.25 oz, come in a convenient, resealable container for lasting freshness.
  • These sophisticated nuts are perfect for snacking or for sharing at parties
  • Lightly salted for an addicting bite
  • Perfect for those keeping kosher
  • For over 100 years, people have trusted Planters to deliver freshness and superior quality


UPC : 029000019034 - Planters Deluxe Whole Lightly Salted Cashews, 18.25 Oz -

Best tasting nuts on the market, be carefully not to o eat them all at once.


Delicious cashews

This a great value and a great gift to yourself or a friend -- highly recommend


Best brand!

Years ago I thought I would save a little money by buying an off brand name cashew. Boy, I never did that again! Planter's is the only brand I buy because it is always fresh and tasty. No stale, old taste - just good tasting and crunchy. I have no idea of the cost of off brand names of nuts now, but Planter's definitely is head and shoulders above all other brands.


Product is 5* but...

They always seem to be out of them in the store & sometimes I go to a second Wal*Mart. Last time I checked they didn't have enough at either store. I shouldn't have to buy it online to make sure I get some- but I did & will probably continue. Also, the safety seal was damaged (1 of 8). I think someone was checking them with a pen & got careless & poked it too hard. If they do it that way they should probably get in the habit of using the eraser end of a pencil. 1 more thing. It took me an additional trip to pick them up because the Site-To-Store closed on me while I was standing in another line because the bottle return vending machine was full. Get more machines (they used to have more until they replaced them) & open the STS Dept. a little later please. Even 30 more minutes would be helpful.


Wonderful Cashews

I prefer planters cashew nuts because they taste fabulous and are large in size.