Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator

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Sportsman 4000W Dual-Fuel Generator
MSRP : $599

Sale : $349
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Great for running the RV while out on the road, or for keeping essential appliances going during a power outage, the Sportsman Series 4000-Watt Dual-Fuel Generator has the power and flexibility to handle the task. This generator runs on either unleaded gasoline or propane gas, so you can use whichever fuel is more easily available or affordable at the moment. With the Sportsman Series Dual-Fuel Generator, you get the long-lasting, clean-burning advantage of propane gas, plus the familiar and easy-to-find benefits of unleaded gasoline.


Like The Dual Fuel

I was pleased the unit arrived a day early and FedX must of handled it with kid gloves as no damage to shipping box, likewise no damage to MFG box. The unit had heavy form fitting Styrofoam so unit could not move around, must of read older reviews. Bought 10W30 added 18.5 oz checked dipstick measured 1/2 above min. will top off after next use. Hooked up 30# RV propane bottle only minor problem was some burs in the brass generator connector, so had trouble hooking hose to gen. Got brass wire battery terminal brush out of my tool kit and cleaned up brass fitting, hand tightened no further problem. Turned on propane tank, closed choke, started second pull, adjusted choke till running smooth 30 seconds, ran for 5 min, shut down by closing bottle shut off power when stopped. Restarted at 5th wheel 1/2 choke 1st pull, ran 13,500 A/C unit :30 min started cooling camper, fits on furniture dolly for ease of moving around, far more quiet than old set, just a hum inside w/windows closed and what a good price.


Good product.

I liked the fact that I can use propane rather than gas. I won't have to worry about the fuel going bad and gumming up the carb. The size and weight is good for me to move and store. Works great! I will update on longevity later.


Excellent Deal

Purchased a new travel trailer last spring and needed a new generator to go with it. So far I have only ran it on gasoline rather than propane but I am more than happy. I can run both my AC and microwave at the same time although I only did it as a test. My 6 year old son can start the machine in two pulls even when it was only 22 degrees in the mountains. There is a burn in period I read about someplace for the generator. I actually ran mine for about 10 hours and changed the oil before putting it under load. This is not a quiet machine but I don't camp in campgrounds so it is not a problem for me. For the price, I do not think you will find a better machine. I purchased the 4 year plan just in case because even after $40.00 for the warranty it was still a better price than any of the competitors.


Great buy

Easy set up. Starts on second pull every time. Ran for about 13 hours on full tank. Switched over to propane and started right back up. Not horribly loud.



DO NOT BUY used two hours unit shut off won't start. contacted sportsman company they said they would send parts for me to repair it . $250 PIECE OF JUNK.