Schumacher Electric 12V Heater and Fan

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Schumacher Electric 12V Heater and Fan
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The Schumacher Electric 12-Volt Heater Fan is a convenient and powerfully performing heating unit suitable for a variety of outdoor activities. This ceramic heater fan plugs easily into most vehicle lighter ports, so it will provide heat without a generator or outlet.

Schumacher Electric 12V Heater and Fan:
  • The Schumacher electric ceramic heater provides instant heat, even in the coldest conditions
  • Also features auto temperature control for added convenience
  • 1-year warranty
  • Model# 1224


Small space, great warmth

After submitting my order and receiving a prompt response my heater was at my local store within 7 days. Had several cold days in October and it really came in handy. Just be careful not to overload your electrical system in your vehicle. If you are connecting to the cigarette lighter outlet be sure not to blow fuses with the radio on and the heater at full power. For full power I have to turn off the radio.


Not for the cold cold!

I have a 01 Ford Taurus and at 40 degrees outside it take the bite off inside my car and the windows clear. If you need to see out your front window this will work. Point it AT the window. As far as the noise in some other reviews, I didn't find anything to complain about. Mind you a hairdryer on low would be a little warmer than this; however, my main reason was to see out the front window and this I can do.


Bad buy

This product works best in the trash can. As soon as you get it just throw it away. It produces no heat at all.


produced very little heat

In the process of returning this product due to the fact it produces a very very small amount of heat.



it never heated and is way smaller then what it showed on image.