Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfill, 5 lb. Box

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Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfill, 5 lb. Box
MSRP : $14.99

Sale : $10.59
Sold & shipped by Walmart
Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfill can help make your arts and crafts projects fun and easy. It's an ideal material for creating stuffed animals, dolls, pillows and other home essentials or gifts. The polyester fiberfill batting is dense and provides maximum resiliency and loftiness to stay soft and strong for years. The 5 lb box is crafted from soft, optic white polyester fibers that don't create a shadow when used in light colors or lightweight fabrics. The fibers are easy to pack into small parts of dolls, animals and other crafts. The top of the box slides back for easy removal of the right amount of filler. Morning Glory Polyester Fiberfill is hypoallergenic and can be machine washed and dried.

Morning Glory Premium Polyester Fiberfill, 5 lb Box:
  • Ideal for making stuffed animals, dolls and pillows
  • Provides maximum resiliency to stay soft for years
  • No shadow with lightweight fabrics
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Soft, optic white polyester fibers
  • Slide back top for easy removal
  • Morning Glory Polyester Fiberfill is hypoallergenic


Great fiberfill

I am so glad WalMart brought back the Morning Glory polyfill . It is a non slip filling and works perfect for my items. I love the fact that I can pick it up at my local store and the price is very reasonable.


Great for dolls

I make personalized dolls and this is great for stuffing them.


Morning Glory 100% Polyester Fiberfill is perfect!

Easy to use and works perfectly every time.


Great stuffing!

I made a knitted pouf and this stuffing was perfect. Just the right amount for my project.


Finally! affordable stuffing!

I have a throw pillow fetish. I have discovered that I can buy really lovely artsy covers on certain places on the net pretty cheap. I have always loved them but hated how expensive they were in the stores so I never could afford to buy them and even at their high price tags they never were as puffy as I felt they should be. I like them really stuffed large and puffy. Now I can stuff my own and have a much larger and more affordable choice because of it! And this stuffing is the best for the price. Its easy to work with and the box is really over stuffed with it. I searched all over for the best price for stuffing for my throw pillow collection and this is it. I have a tip for other pillow stuffers that might be of use. I use non biodegradable packing peanuts that I put in a large sealed baggie. Sealed so its water proof. I make it packed and even and put that in the center of the pillow adding the stuffing under it and all around it. This helps save on stuffing. So if you happen to have packing peanuts laying around you don't have any other use for this is a good use for them. Also, all that lint you pull out of your dryer's lint catcher screen.... well don't toss it. Add to your stuffing. Happy stuffing every one!