Wilson Championship Extra-Duty Tennis Balls

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Wilson Championship Extra-Duty Tennis Balls
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Get ready for sizzling serves and powerful returns with these Wilson Championship Extra-Duty Tennis Balls. Suitable for practices and matches, these tennis balls can be used on all types of hard court surfaces, delivering a long bounce that challenges opponents on the baseline. Covered in Dura-Weave felt, the balls provide consistent bounce on the court and response off the racket when serving and returning shots.

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls - 1 Can of 3 Balls:
  • Dura-Weave felt allows the balls to bounce consistently and respond off the racquet in tennis matches or practices
  • Extra-duty design performs well on all court surface types, allowing players to carry one set of balls for a variety of settings
  • Provides great flight and bounce that is ideal for longer play
  • Can-style packaging helps keep balls fresh and can quickly be slipped into a duffle bag or equipment cart
  • Bright yellow design promises easy visibility on indoor or outdoor courts
  • Can of 3 Balls


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My dog prefers the Wilson brand. He tells me they have a nice piquant aftertaste, without an overpowering flavor. That makes them well suited for chewing as an after-dinner treat. Wilson moved production to China many years ago.


Tennis balls

They're very heavy duty! They arrived 5days earlier than expected. Good quality!



Very bouncy, excellent for dogs. Agressive chewed hasn't ripped them apart yet.



im not a tennis person...but why buy dog tennis balls that dont last an over priced 2 bucks vs 4 dollar dog tennis ball that my dog tears up in 5 min , so i buy these they last months an months with my 2 black labs ..awesome dog balls and by far the best tennis ball EVER! thanks mr.wilson


a little disappointed

I've used Wilson balls before and they were always just fine. I'm only a mediocre tennis player that likes to get on the court mainly for exercise. In most cases a tennis ball is a tennis ball. I know that they have balls for different surfaces and I primarily play on a hard surface. I've used balls for hard surface or multi surface balls. When new they always had a good fell and bounce. These balls for hard surface are like hitting rocks. I have an adjustable tension racket and that hasn't helped. Maybe I got a bad batch, 12 cans..don't think so. Won't buy these again. The price is the only thing that is good, again we learn that you get what you pay for.