Slim Jim Giant Smoked Meat Stick, Tabasco Flavor, .97 Oz.

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Slim Jim Giant Smoked Meat Stick, Tabasco Flavor, .97 Oz.
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When it comes to snacking, they say size matters. That’s why Slim Jim Giant Tabasco Flavor Smoked Meat Stick has a big, meaty flavor that will please the ginormous meat-lover in you; with 6 grams of protein in each serving, these tabasco flavored meat stick easily please your need for beef. They come individually wrapped, so you can enjoy a king-size snack anywhere you want. Our epic portfolio of Slim Jim meat sticks, snack sticks, and beef jerky is colossal—just like your appetite. So, go ahead and fill your kitchen’s pantry and please your carnivorous palate. Don’t wait 'til that gigantic hunger comes calling; snap into a Giant Slim Jim Meat Stick and snack big.
Individually wrapped meat stick for a quick and easy snackSlim Jim meat sticks use spicy beef, pork, and chicken, because beefy appetites require an even beefier snackEach Tabasco flavored meat stick contains 6 g proteinSnap into the delicious, spicy Tabasco taste in every snack



Yummy! A snack with a kick. The spice is THERE not subtle - if you do not like/tolerate spice...this is not for you.


Great taste

This was a great buy .. my family loved this product great taste.. great flavor .. slim Jim sticks small snack big taste


My favorite!!

Small spicy conveniently made snack. Since trying these I have not gone back to just the typical slim Jim. I'm disappointed that I can't find these in the snack pack box on the candy/chips aisle with other slim jims box but love them none the less.


the best Slim Jims !!!!

consistent quality and taste. always a treat to enjoy.


Its very tasty

Very tasty and a good price too