Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon, Value Pack, 28 ct

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Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon, Value Pack, 28 ct
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Ziploc Freezer Bags now feature our Easy Open Tabs. Protect your food with Ziploc Freezer Bags. Each bag locks shut to help prevent freezer burn while keeping food fresh and full of taste. Less freezer burn means less wasted food and money. These tough, durable freezer bags feature our Smart Zip Plus Seal which lets you feel, hear and see the bag close from edge-to-edge, so you can feel confident your meat, poultry, and fish are protected from freezer burn. Ideal for bringing recipe ideas to life, creating simple desserts, conquering meal prep, and making healthy freezer meals.
  • Perfect for freezing meat, chicken, fish, and vegetables
  • Helps preserve the original flavor of food
  • Designed exclusively to protect food and prevent freezer burn
  • Features our Smart Zip Plus Seal and Easy Open Tabs
  • Made of durable and long-lasting plastic. BPA free


Bummed! They tear now...

I've been a long time buyer of Ziploc storage and freezer bags, all sizes. I use them for everything from food to collector magazines and newspapers to storing winter clothes for the summer. I also reuse them (if not dirty like for storing bread and muffins, even fruit, veggies and snacks) but lately I've received batches that tear upon opening along the edge right below the seal. This makes the seal useless as air or bugs can easily get in and ruin whatever is inside. I'm really bummed as I've been a long-time loyalist to Ziploc so to see their quality cheapened is such a disappointment. I'm a big believer in 2nd chances so will buy another batch this time but if they arrive with the same diminished quality, I'll have to find another brand. Really they've been my go-to store-everything bags for years.



Durable, no matter how many times you open and close the snack bag size! The Quart is the perfect size for just about every left over. The Gallon size is perfect for that family sized meats you split up to make additional meals and freeze the remaining parts.


Zip Lock Bags

out of all the brands out there this is he only one I will insist on. Zip Lock is the best when it comes to the "Zipper Bag" industry


good product, horrible packaging

Both the boxes were smashed beyond use in a drawer-they arrived in an envelope type package, much too large and delicate for shipping-same thing with the Kleenex I ordered--other products sent in a box arrived on time and in good shape-I have already contacted Walmart about this problem, hope they take action soon, as of now, I will carefully weigh my decision on what to order.


Best Freezer Bags!

The Ziplock brand is the best on the market-I do not settle for any other brand and the gallon size works best for or freezer storage of meats, breads & left overs.