Mainstays 100% Polyester Travel Pillow 14" x 20" in White

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Mainstays 100% Polyester Travel Pillow 14" x 20" in White
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When you are looking for the perfect size pillow to travel with, this is the pillow you need. Mainstays 100% Polyester Travel Pillow is available in 14"x20". This travel pillow is 100% polyester cover and is filled with 100% polyester fiberfill. This pillow is perfect size to fit in your suitcase. Wherever you travel, take along the soft microfiber polyester Mainstays Travel Pillow for on the go snoozing or just to have that little bit of support for your head and neck to rest on during those flights or car rides. This pillow is machine washable aand dryable for easy care. Comes with a 3 year warranty.

Mainstays 100% Polyester Travel Pillow 14" x 20" in White, Set of 2:
  • 200 Thread Count 100% Polyester cover, filled with 100% hypoallergenic polyester
  • These pillows are ideal for traveling on airplanes, cars, trains or buses
  • 100% microfiber peachy polyester cover is soft against your skin for ultimate comfort
  • 100% Hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill for support
  • Durable and comfortable enough to travel with, why providing you with support for your neck and head to rest with
  • Also the perfect size pillow for toddlers and young kids for nap time at school, always a great idea to have an extra one for an emergency
  • Also available sold separately on
  • Easily fits in into a backpack, duffle, suitcase, tote, or your carry on bag to travel with
  • To ensure freshness after those trips, this pillow can easily be placed in your washer and dryer at home
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Mainstays Travel pillow measures 14 inches x 20 inches with 6 ounces of fiberfill