Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee, Dark Roast, 24.2-Ounce

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Folgers Black Silk Ground Coffee, Dark Roast, 24.2-Ounce
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Folgers Black Silk Dark Roast Ground Coffee is just what fans of dark-roasted coffees are looking for—bold, yet exceptionally smooth.

Finely ground coffee; Dark Roast; Aroma seal canister



I love Foldgers, but it got to be really inexpensive, so I went to the generic stuff. YUCK! I drank that for several yrs, until Wal-Mart had a sale, and then $$ general had a sale. I had not ever tasted Black silk. Omgosh it is wonderful I hope I never have to go back to generic. I'm drinking my Black Silk coffee and writing Christmas cards. I need more sales Merry Christmas



The perfect coffee.


Ordering Process

Online coffee orders have a built-in number 'restriction' you are allowed to purchase for one type of coffee. In order to receive any quantity over four (4) you must place another order! Buying four does not get you to the dollar amount to activate the FREE shipping. You are 'forced' to buy some other of that brand's flavor or another brand to qualify for that FREE shipping. There are no amount restrictions in stores, just on line. Walmart has been willing to refund the shipping; however, you spend enough time on the phone getting enough 'separate' orders made that the process is time consuming and frustrating! Amazon, though at times, pricier, is not complicated. I recommend Walmart get their 'webmeister' to fix this. At least allow a sufficient number of one product to be purchased to meet the FREE shipment requirement.

Mrs B


Just bought this and was so excited because it's been like a week my store had been was out. No worries because Columbian was my go to and was my coffee for years. However my new found love of Black Silk has changed it's taste!!! Therefore I'm going back to Columbian and sticking with it. The wait for the store to have it wasn't worth it

Elizabeth Renee

Disapointed that Folgers changed the Black Silk!!!

My most resent purchase of the Black Silk ground coffee was a major disappointment. What happened!!!!????? It is pretty much almost like the original classic now.... Not sure why they changed this "Black" Silk to " Dark Brown" but I am confused on why this change was made. I seriously had to look at the container to ensure I bought the correct kind. Please advise if this is the new "Black Silk" now, or is it a fluke and maybe the incorrect kind was put in the wrong container. I have heard a few others complain on this very same matter too. FYI. thank you, Karen