Folgers 100% Colombian Med-Dark Ground Coffee, 24.2 OZ

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Folgers 100% Colombian Med-Dark Ground Coffee, 24.2 OZ
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A full-bodied roast of 100% Colombian beans delivers 100% Colombian coffee taste. Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark Roast Ground Coffee is distinctively rich and uniquely flavorful.

Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark Roast Ground Coffee:
  • Bold, rich and uniquely flavorful
  • 100% pure coffee
  • Mountain grown
  • Folgers ground coffee is compatible with coffee makers
  • Makes up to 210 6-fl oz cups
  • Kosher certified
  • 24.2 oz

Ken R

Great coffee, bad can

I used to drink another brand of coffee, I won’t mention the name, however they call it the state coffee of Louisiana. When I left Louisiana I could not purchase that brand anymore and started drinking Folgers. I was used to dark roast flavor, and found Columbian coffee was a good choice. However I also love the Gormet Supreme, and the Black Silk as a change up from time to time. If you like the Columbian coffee I suggest you try these even darker roast blends. I don’t know why, but the last can of Columbian coffee I bought had a bad flavor of being stale. The only thing I can compare the flavor to is Maxwell House! I always purchase Folgers coffee, this can was just like any other, flavor seal was in tact and the first two pots were fine. But then it got very bitter and just plain nasty tasting! I have contacted Folgers and am waiting for a response. I don’t mind paying a little extra to get good tasting coffee, but this can was awlful! Folgers needs to look into this and find out what is going on at their packaging plant. Oh and you could send me a coupon for another can, I will send this can back and let you try it! Please look into this issue as I found my old brand in the store the other day. I would hate to leave as your coffee is good, but if I get another can of this rott gutt coffee I will be gone as a loyal customer. There is just no excuse to open a fresh sealed can of stale coffee that payed good money for. One bad can in 20 years does not make a bad review, but I am really disappointed in getting a fresh sealed stale can of coffee. If you get one like this please let Folgers know. This has to be an issue at the packaging plant and they can correct it before loosing customers. Hope this review helps you.


Quantity switch!

Just the other day I bought this same coffee, Folgers Columbian for 8.44 and it had 27.8 oz which would be the same as 30.36 cents / oz and now they sell Folgers Columbian in 24.2 oz container, for same price, which is 34.87 cents/ oz. Same price, smaller package. You "THINK" you are getting a good deal, but it would end up same cost of $ 9.69 per 27.8 oz normal packaging. Smaller amount, more cost per oz. But, consumers would balk at spending $9.69 for a can of Columbian coffee, so they make it smaller and you STILL pay more.


If you like Columbian coffee pick this

This is the best Columbian coffee available on the market today. It has such a rich full flavor.


This is working great and he loves the taste

My husband was getting a burning stomach ache from regular coffee. Not really strong coffee, it was all to acidic. He loves this. And we need our caffeine lol. This is working great and he loves the taste!!



What is not to like about Folgers coffee, makes a wonderful cup at any time of day.