Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent, Mountain Breeze, 300 Fluid Ounces, 200 Loads

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Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent, Mountain Breeze, 300 Fluid Ounces, 200 Loads
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Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent gets your clothes ultra white and clean. Made to handle up to 200 loads, this cleaning powerhouse eliminates stains and leaves clothes smelling fresh. The mountain breeze detergent with dirt lift action is safe for all washing machines, including HE washers.

  • Heighten your senses with the refreshing outdoor scent of crisp mountain air and springtime floral blooms.
  • An extraordinary clean from an all-purpose laundry detergent
  • It’s specially formulated with stain fighting actives to go deep into fabric fibers to remove ground-in dirt and stains
  • It’s great laundry detergent at an affordable price.
  • This package contains one 300 ounce bottle for a total of 200 loads.


I buy Purex most of the time I love the smell of my clothes.

I actually use it for washing clothes. I also use it in my shampoo machine for a fresh scent without the extra expensive carpet shampoo.

pam shepherd

Best Detergent I Ever Bought!

I Have Used all the high priced detergents.Purex is a very thick & Great Detergent.Its Thicker than all the others i have used. Im very picky when it comes to what i use to do my laundry with. The rest i have used is like using watered down product. PUREX works Great on everything i wash.It only takes 1 Capful to do a full load.When i used others i always was adding a cap at a time until it looked right.Thats wasteful,I Like a Product To Do What It Says Its Going To Do. PUREX Will Do All Its Suppost To and it smells Great For A Long Time.. Thanks Purex For A Great Product That Is Very Affordable!!


I only use Pyrex,

I am a fanatic about laundry I don't use any other brand other than Purex, it gets my laundry clean and fresh and work great on stains.I definitely recommend this to all my friends and family


I tryed Purex a month ago I like the smell and clean clothes

The product is great I like the way it work and the way your clothes smell and I would tell other people to bye and use it I change from Tide to Purex?


I always, always use Purex laundry detergent and bleach

I use Purex laundry liquid in my HE washer. Have never had a problem with it and it cleans excellently.