Del Monte Fresh Cut Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn, 15.25 oz, 4 Count Box

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Del Monte Fresh Cut Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn, 15.25 oz, 4 Count Box
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Naturally sweet and tender, Del Monte Fresh Cut Golden Sweet Whole Kernel Corn is grown in the best soils in America. The corn is picked at the peak of ripeness and packed on the same day to capture the tasty flavor and essential nutrients of corn freshly cooked from scratch in your home. Brighten your plate with this easy side or add to soups, pastas, casseroles and salads--for meals as nutritious as they are tasty.

Del Monte Golden Sweet Corn Whole Kernel, 15.25 Oz


Damaged Cans

Beware of buying canned goods from Walmart. I have ordered canned goods in previous orders and almost half the time there are dented cans in the order. I have now stopped ordering canned goods from Walmart. Something to consider when ordering online.


This is how they get rid of damaged product

I bought nine boxes of canned goods. Each box was scraped, open and/or taped closed. The cans inside were nearly all dented in some form, from minor cosmetic to "I'm not opening that one". This was the condition of the first order and I thought it a fluke. A year later and this second order came the same way. This is obviously how Walmart gets rid of damaged product that's not quite bad enough to throw out. No one would ever touch one of these cans if it sat on shelf in a store.


fresh taste

It's nice when a can product delivers a fresh from the field taste, smells , look and the texture also say fresh. The only thing that would make this product better is butter and a dash of pepper. The easy open tab are wonderful.


Corn. In a can.

It's corn in a can. Doesn't disappoint. It's got a pull-top lid.


Its a mastapiece

I bought this and dumped all over my deceased wife. she is now healthy as ever and can only eat greenman corn. Its kinda like a zombie, but with corn. thank u mister greenman for this absolutely STUNNING product