Attwood Battery Bx-27 Series Blk Vented W/Hardware & Clamps, 9067-1

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Attwood Battery Bx-27 Series Blk Vented W/Hardware & Clamps, 9067-1
MSRP : $13.89

Sale : $8.8
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"This Attwood Power Guard 27 Battery Box is for use with the battery series 27/27F/27M. Made with a polypropylene construction, this Attwood Battery Box has total acid resistance, allowing it to last. Featuring hold-down straps, instructions and mounting hardware, this marine battery box is easy to install. This Attwood Power Guard 27 Battery Box also has four cable openings, enlarged to .55"" diameter, and a molded inside cover."

Attwood Power Guard 27 Battery Box:

  • Polypropylene construction
  • For battery series 27/27F/27M
  • 4 cable openings, enlarged to .55" diameter
  • Larger handles with rolled edges
  • Molded inside cover
  • Includes instructions and mounting hardware


It Rocks

A good battery box at a good price. Well-molded, tough material. Keeps battery and connectors relatively clean and protected from physical damage, rain, and UV rays. I use four inside camper storage bins to keep items on top from shorting across the battery terminals or moving the cables. The tiny top vents are present to avoid any concentration of flooded battery explosive gas under the cover. Concerns that rain might cause the battery to "short out" are peculiar, since 12V batteries and the wiring that attaches work just as well with no cover at all. Also, it would take a garden hose and a ton of patience to "fill the box with water" through these top vents. If that's a concern, it takes seconds to add a drain hole at box bottom. It's included retainer system works well for general usage. A good pick.


Cannot be beat

A tough and sturdy box with great handles and a strap


Perfect for most needs!

My only complaint of this really good, well-designed product is that the outside measurements were not identified as to which was the width and which was the height; I had to stop construction of my battery box mount because of that lacking info.


Perfect for most needs!

Great value...just what I was expecting!


Great value

This is just what I was looking for and I found it for a great price. It is very well made and I'm sure it will last many years. I highly recommend this product.