Gold's Gym 25cm Anti-Burst Core Ball

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Gold's Gym 25cm Anti-Burst Core Ball
MSRP : $8

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Tone up your abs, back and inner thigh muscles with the Gold's Gym Core Exercise Ball. The fitness ball not only helps you get lean, it also increases range of motion and flexibility. The Gold's Gym fitness ball focuses in on key stabilizer muscles in order to boost performance, strength and endurance. Made from an anti-burst material, the ball is incredibly durable and will withstand anyyour heaviest workout routine. An exercise chart and inflation straw are included with the purchase of this anti-burst exercise ball.
Gold's Gym 25cm Anti-Burst Core Ball:
  • Tone abs, back and inner thighs
  • Increase range of motion and flexibility
  • Boosts performance, strength and endurance
  • Made of anti-burst material
  • Exercise chart and inflation straw included with Gold's Gym core exercise ball
  • 90-day warranty


this fitness ball is strong and inflates easily

This fitness ball is strong and inflated very easily. Studies have shown that doing crunches on a fitness ball is the most effective type of abs exercise. This fitness ball will help you work on a our abs and fit within your fitness regiment. I am glad I have this product and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you for reading my review and if this review was helpful please indicate it was, it goes a long way.


Sturdy Exercise Ball but Comes Deflated

This ball comes DEFLATED, with a plastic straw, which you are supposed to use to blow into and inflate the ball; there is a sturdy stopper to close it. But the straw is too thin, and air escapes around it. I found another straw at home and used that, but it's still tricky to fill the ball, remove the straw quickly and immediately insert the stopper. I would not have bought this product if I had realized that it would not arrive inflated and with the normal hole in which a bicycle pump could be used to add air if it started to lose it. The ball is sturdy plastic and good for the exercise I use it for, but I'm not happy over-all.


Bigger than the usual ball

I am a Pilates instructor, so I needed a bunch of these for my classes. I am used to the smaller (maybe 6-8") ball, where this is about 9-11" . We've only used them once, but they seem like they won't burst, and they have the right texture for holding. I love the lavender color, which matches the picture. For the price, you can't beat this one.


Good for the money

I bought 20 of these for my fitness class and overall I am pretty happy with them. I was unhappy with the shipping seeing as they were all individual and not in one box. UPS had 20 tracking numbers and I arrived home to 20 boxes at my front door. No big deal just extra trash in my opinion. We have used them several times for different classes and so far so good. If anything goes wrong I will repost.


Core ball

Very reasonable price. Included was a stiff straw to blow up the ball.