Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 72oz (3X24oz), 10X Cleaning Power

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Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 72oz (3X24oz), 10X Cleaning Power
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Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner coats the bowl above and below the waterline. Its thick formula adheres to stains for better cleaning. The powerful liquid can break down debris and mineral deposits, helping to reduce the amount of work needed to remove them. This toilet cleaner comes in a convenient pack of 3 24-fl oz bottles. The design itself is curved, ensuring that you can get into hard-to-reach areas, like under the rim. This Lysol toilet bowl cleaner will ensure that your toilet is clean, deodorized and disinfected.

  • Powers through toughest toilet stains in seconds
  • Destroys toilet bowl rings
  • The angled bottle targets hard-to-reach areas
  • Leaving entire toilet deodorized with Fresh Scent
  • Disinfects & kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria*


Toilet Cleaner

Excellent cleaner for toilet bowls and gets rid of all mold/mildew and black build up and cleans beautifully.


What happened?

I have always like this cleaner, nice light smell, easy squirt and swish and I'm done. However, the last pack I bought was not like previous purchases, the contents seems the same but the package was different from the first, and completely unmanageable. They have redesigned the bottles too thin to function as an applicator as it was previously used. With the thinner bottle plastic, it was difficult to open, as, the bottle kept "squishing", not allowing a proper grip to get it open. Once open the real problems began: A gentle squeeze completely collapsed the bottle, squirting a HUGE amount of product into the toilet, the cap filled and shot toilet bowl cleaner back at me and all over me, my clothes, the walls, my new rugs, everywhere and since this contains bleach everything was ruined. As the cap was full, when I tilted it upright, it made more of a mess on the floor as I tried to get it to the sink to contain it. What a disaster. I won't buy this again.


It works so I don't have to!

It has made the chore of bathroom cleaning as close to effortless as possible! Its stain and hard water build-up removal is almost instantaneous, with very little scrubbing needed at all! Amazing!





Good toilet bowl freshener

I rely on Lysol to make a nasty job simple and easy.