Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer, 21 Oz

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Jergens Original Scent Dry Skin Moisturizer, 21 Oz
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Feel comfortable in the skin you're in when you choose Jergens Orginal Cherry Almond Dry Skin Moisturizer 21 oz. This quality product soothes dry and irritated skin, helping to repair damage done from cold weather, over-washing and more. The Jergens moisturizer even features a pleasant natural scent that makes it a joy to wear.
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great item!

happy that i have this item and that it's working for me.


Great American Hand Lotion.

My Mother used to keep a bottle of this next to her kitchen sink. Mine is on my vanity. I put some on my hands at night, and it is so smooth, not greasy at all. I love the smell. It brings back memories of being in the kitchen with my Mother. The bottles were black and white then. I am not sure if they still sell them that way, but as long as it still smells so good and makes my skin feel soft it is okay with me.


Very Disappointed in Jergens

I have used the original lotion for 50 years as my mom, and grandmother before daughter and granddaughter's used it as well. Family tradition you could say and not only am I disappointed as well as my entire female family tree, we are honestly sad! This was a fantastic lotion and also a connection we shared down thru the years (I am sure many will find this silly) but it is true. Like the end of something:( I know it is only lotion but we would really like the option to buy the REAL Original lotion! If we wanted greasy we would have been buying other lotions! Unfortunately, the new lotion is a deal breaker for all of us! We gave it a try and none of us liked it, the original left no greasy feel and soaked in as you need it too...Sometimes change is not needed and this is one of those cases! Whatever CEO or Marketing person thought this was smart should really rethink their research company! Rant over now to focus on finding a new lotion :(


almond cherry smell

the smelll only last as soon as it touches your skin. it smells different when you put it on was hoping the cherry almond smell would lasted on me.


Still the best lotion.

I have been using this lotion for a long time and still love it. It works great and has A real nice scent. The original Jergens is the one me and my wife always use.