Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Adult Dry Cat Food, 16 lb

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Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Adult Dry Cat Food, 16 lb
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Feed your friendly feline a taste she loves when filling her bowl with Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original adult dry cat food. This delicious blend of four flavors â chicken, liver, turkey and ocean fish â offers 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition designed especially for adult cats, all with a taste she craves throughout the day. Watch her smack her lips when diving into this wholesome meal that is sure to keep her purring with affection and cuddling up close to you. With no room for bowl boredom, this nutritious blend offers four shapes to couple its cat-thrilling combination of palate-pleasing goodness. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is gaining the daily nourishment she needs while also making mealtime an adventure when you supply her with this dry cat food that really is the whole kit and kaboodle. Enjoy the combination of true value and quality when you order Kit & Kaboodle Original dry cat food.
Blend of chicken, liver, turkey and ocean fish flavors offer a taste cats loveFour fun shapes for a texture and variety cats love100 percent complete and balanced nutrition for adult catsEssential vitamins and minerals helps support overall health


Only Brand For My Four Fur Beasts

The only brand of cat food fed to my four eight year old (thumping baby elephants-what they all sound chasing each around the house late at night when the lights are out and I'm sleeping) cats. They all absolutely love it and have all been healthy, had urinary tract or medical problems. I've also always purchase it from Walmart and recently been paying a hiked up price on both the 16 lb bag and 22 lb bag of almost $5.00 more.


Good quality

My Cat Love's it down to the last kit and kaboodle


My Feral Kitties Love this

You get a decent amount for the price. I have two outside ferals that have claimed us as their home. We trapped, spay/neutered, and released and they still hung around. Every morning they both come looking for their breakfast thru the pet door on the side porch. I offered them a more pricey food that our Persians eat, but they preferred this!!


My Feral Kitties Love this

My cats love this! As a matter of fact, they will only eat only eat this brand!! Have bought this brand for years.


Any cat will love this!

This is the best cat food to buy. The price ranges from $6-8.00. The last two cats I've had love this stuff and like all are excited when they hear the cat food bag. Seems all cat food bags last for two weeks depending on how you feed them. So 8.00 isn't bad 2 weeks compare to how much we spend to eat.