Create Basics Tie Dye, 47 count, .75 oz

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Create Basics Tie Dye, 47 count, .75 oz
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Tie Dye

Tie Dye Kit from Create Basics:
  • Super pack with 10 gorgeous colors
  • Create up to 20 projects with this tie-dye fabric kit
  • Sample the colors of the rainbow spectrum and beyond
  • Kit includes bottles of dye, rubber bands and protective gloves to create a masterpiece
  • For project ideas, visit
  • Manufactured for iLovetoCreate, 5673 East Shields Avenue, Fresno, CA, 93727, USA
  • Copywrite 2013 by iLovetoCreate


This dye kit is okay.

Pretty easy to use dye kit. I like that the powder is already in the bottles and all that you need to do is add water and shake. Rubber bands and gloves provided are lacking in quality and I would not recommend using them. The rubber bands snapped so easily and most of the gloves had holes in them. I had a purple middle finger for a few days, my sister did, too. Some colors are lacking in quality, as well. After washing, the red dye turned to pink. My husband's not too thrilled about that. Lime green turned to yellow. Pictures submitted are before washing. Wish they would have stayed those colors. But they faded a lot. Followed directions on box to the last letter. But it was a fun family project to do.



Lovely colors. Extra dye washed out well. Colors were not as vivid after being rinsed. Let fabrics sit about 8 hours. Had one full sized set of sheets and pillow cases, one size 4 kids shirt, one extra large tank top and one xxl tee shirt. Plenty of dye. For all. More instructions would have been nice though. Letting fabric sit 24 hours may have made colors more vivid.


Great kit!

Great kit! Everything you need for an afternoon project. I needed a curtain for Independence Day. 4th of July!


Worked well! Video review

Worked well! Here is my product tutorial


Wow....surprised at the lies....

Really...? 20 projects...that makes me so sad....we trusted you...we counted on your wasn't even enough for 10 shirt is really light pastel colored now...not because I wanted it that way...but because...there wasn't enough dye...that...I had to dilute it with water...much disappointment...I wonder if the company actually counted how many shirts you can tie-dye with this kit...because if they did, they should know that kit is not enough for 20 shirts...maybe they're talking about baby shirts? Like kids size? Welp, anyways, when I look at my shirt now, I just say "oof!" Thanks for causing me a mental illness:))) I was freaking out while I was dying the shirt because I didn't have enough dyes. Oh, also, I got into a salty fight with my friend because she used up all the dyes I wanted to use. If there just was enough dyes...we would've stayed as good friends as we were before. I hope the company suffers the exact same way as I struggled. Hopefully, you guys fix this problem. I'm done, so, adiĆ³s.