API Activated Filter Carbon Fish Organic Waste Removal, 1 Qt

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API Activated Filter Carbon Fish Organic Waste Removal, 1 Qt
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Featuring a special blend of highly activated carbon, this Activated Carbon Filter helps keep your tank clean and well-maintained. This activated filter helps removes colors, odors, organic wastes and contaminants, making tank life easier for you and better for your fish. This activated carbon filter is safe for use on both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. These aquarium filters can be used in all sizes and types of filter cartridges. Choose from quart and half-gallon sizes to find a suitable aquarium filter for your tank.
Activated Carbon Filter:

  • Removes colors, odors, organic wastes and contaminants
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Comes in quart and half-gallon sizes


Basic product for a good price

This is your pretty basic activated carbon filter media that you can find at any pet store. But it is about twice as expensive there so if you decide you need activated carbon for crystal clear water, get it at walmart, it's exactly the same as what the pet stores carry.


Clears the H2O

I highly recommend activated carbon to help clear up the water. I put some in the auxiliary filter cartridge of my Penguin Emperor within two days the yellowish water cleared up, I highly recommend this product, the price here is very low compared to other places even with the shipping cost.


Clears the H2O

way cheaper then going to the pet store they want like $25.00 for the same thing.


Bad customer service.

If it weren't for the low price, I would have never bought this product. It showed on the web site that the item was in stock. I wasted a trip and spent over 1 hour looking in the store, only to find that they didn't ever stock it. When I ordered it, I was shocked to find that not only was it not available for 'Ship-to-Store', but I had to pay for shipping as well. TOTAL FAIL!