First Alert 2013F Water and Fire Protector File Chest, 0.17 Cubic Feet

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First Alert 2013F Water and Fire Protector File Chest, 0.17 Cubic Feet
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The First Alert 2013F .17 Cu. Ft. Fire and Water Protector Chest
will securely store all your important documents, such as birth certificates, licenses and computer back-up devices. The First Alert security box will protect your valuables from water, fire and natural disaster. This 17 cu. ft. First Alert waterproof fire safe
is a UL classified media protection device that can withstand an external temperature up to 1550 degrees for ¿¿ hour and independently verified to protect electronic media, such as memory sticks, CD's, DVD's and external hard drives. The safe also features a waterproof seal which protects your valuables if the case happened to be sprayed or even submerged in water. The First Alert 2013F .17 Cu. Ft. Fire and Water Protector Chest
features a handle for carrying convenience and is secured by a clamping style latch with key lock. All First Alert products are covered
• Fire-resistant, waterproof chest keeps your valuable documents and electronics secure
• Withstands external temperatures of up to 1550 degrees F for up to 30 minutes
• Waterproof design keeps contents dry even when submerged
• 0.17-cubic foot capacity ideal for storing small items and documents
• Independently verified to protect electronic media


Looks nice but smells if left closed for too long.

I keep this chest in a larger safe. The reason why I gave it only two stars is because you need to open it and air it out, the instructions say to. The picture of the water spot on the box was damp and it was inside the chest. I use Arm


Does the job

I have not actually tested if it is waterproof or fireproof, but assuming it is like it is says it is, GREAT! :) The only issue was my external harddrive barely fit and I couldn't fit my 8.5x11 paper work in there because it was to small. But not a big deal, they sell larger ones.


Decent safe if you don't mind mold!

I started out very pleased with this safe, even though when I first opened it the instruction manual was kind of moldy. I figured it was just a fluke and no big deal. Until week after week, month after month, everything I put in the safe, especially money started to show the signs and smells of mold! After speaking with First Alert representatives on two separate occasions I learned that this was common and the only way to prevent mold was to never open the safe! I was also told that despite not being in the instruction manual the "hidden" safe is required to be taken out and aired out for 20 minutes every two weeks to do something?, but not stop the mold. The price was good, but having everything moldy without the waterproof safe ever getting wet is just not worth the price. Part of the reason I bought the safe was for the waterproof part, (I live in a flood prone house) but now I'm terrified at how moldy things will get if the safe actually gets wet.


Not what I expected.

I returned the product. The instructions said that you had to put your belongings in plastic bags and open the chest every couple of weeks. That wasn't what I wanted.


So Sturdy

This is one sturdy box. The only draw is supposed to be aired out every two weeks for 20 minutes. NOT in my busy schedule. Also it has to be flat and not tilted on its side to work. Good to know because I was going to put it sideways in a spot.