OCuSoft Lid Scrub Original Individually Wrapped Pre-Moistened Pads - 30 CT30.0 CT

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OCuSoft Lid Scrub Original Individually Wrapped Pre-Moistened Pads - 30 CT30.0 CT
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The Ocusoft Lid Scrub Original Formula Eyelid Cleanser, 30 ct, cleans and refreshes your eyes. This lid scrub is the No. 1 doctor recommended eyelid cleanser. The original formula of this lid scrub comforts and soothes your eyelids. This eyelid cleanser may be FSA eligible. Learn more about FSA.

  • OCuSoft® Lid Scrub® Original Individually Wrapped Pre-Moistened Pads.
  • Eyelid cleanser for mild-moderate conditions.
  • Cleans, comforts and refreshes for soothing relief.
  • #1 Doctor recommended brand.


No more itchy eyes

My eye doctor asked if my eyes itched because I have a bacteria build up in my eyes. I responded yes, there always like that. He recommended I use these twice daily for for ten days then once a day for two weeks. Then every couple of days thereafter. No more itchy eyes. I'm around dust and dirt frequently which causes the bacteria. I get 4 uses out of each pad by tearing them into 4 pieces. I put the unused pieces back into the package and they stay moist until I'm ready to use them.


The best eyelid scrub EVER !!!

Love these lid cleaners. I use them twice a day. I cut one in half and put it back in the package and fold it a few times for the night time cleaning. So I do it once in the morning and once before bed and it has worked amazing!!!


The best eyelid scrub EVER !!!

I got this produce for chronicly burning eyes and it really relieved this problem. A little expensive, but worth it. Nothing else has helped.


A good product

I have alergies, & these help to keep my eyelids clean, especially the lashes, it is also great for cleaning off eye makeup.


Very soothing.

My opthamologists recommended that I use the lid scrub for my red eyelids. It worked wonders and they are so soothing. I will always use them. Very soothing and clean feeling.