Eyelid Cleanser OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® 30 per Box Pad

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Eyelid Cleanser OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub® 30 per Box Pad
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The Ocusoft Lid Scrub Original Formula Eyelid Cleanser, 30 ct, cleans and refreshes your eyes. This lid scrub is the No. 1 doctor recommended eyelid cleanser. The original formula of this lid scrub comforts and soothes your eyelids. This eyelid cleanser may be FSA eligible. Learn more about FSA.



No more itchy eyes

My eye doctor asked if my eyes itched because I have a bacteria build up in my eyes. I responded yes, there always like that. He recommended I use these twice daily for for ten days then once a day for two weeks. Then every couple of days thereafter. No more itchy eyes. I'm around dust and dirt frequently which causes the bacteria. I get 4 uses out of each pad by tearing them into 4 pieces. I put the unused pieces back into the package and they stay moist until I'm ready to use them.


No more itchy eyes

I got this produce for chronicly burning eyes and it really relieved this problem. A little expensive, but worth it. Nothing else has helped.


A good product

I have alergies, & these help to keep my eyelids clean, especially the lashes, it is also great for cleaning off eye makeup.


Very soothing.

My opthamologists recommended that I use the lid scrub for my red eyelids. It worked wonders and they are so soothing. I will always use them. Very soothing and clean feeling.


Sensitive Eye Wipes work great!

Couldnt believe it when my ophthalmologist recommended I clean my eyes with this product to get rid of microscopic skin flakes ! Yep your eye lashes can have tiny tiny flakes that need cleaning every so often or your eyes ....I have super sensitive skin and was worried... but this product worked great ! I cut the little pad in half & use one half for right eye and the other half for the left eye to avoid cross- contamination issues... Gentle can use daily.