Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit, Neutral

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Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit, Neutral
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The Neutral Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit includes 21 grooming and health care items essential for any nursery. A durable storage case is included so parents can keep each item conveniently close at hand at home or on the go.

Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit:
  • The Neutral Summer Infant Complete Nursery Care Kit includes 21 grooming and health care items
  • Durable storage case is included with the Summer Infant Kit
  • Medicine syringe and pacifier medicine dispenser help parents measure and easily administer the proper dosage to baby
  • Nasal aspirator relieves baby's nasal congestion
  • Forehead thermometer and digital thermometer for an easy, accurate temperature reading
  • Emergency information card for quick reference to doctor's number
  • Nail clippers and emery boards (5), just the right size for tiny, newborn fingers
  • Comb and brush
  • Teether, gum massager, and finger brush provide relief for teething baby are included in this Summer Infant Nursery Care Kit

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So dissapointed

I had put this in my baby shower registry with high expectation. I was excited because it holds everything you would ever need for your infant . But when it was show time to my unpleasant surprise how cheap quality everything was. I had to re buy everything separately!!! It would either break on me on the 1st use or 2nd, the only thing that i used were the emery boards and you have to be careful or they will bend. Something that bothered me was how hard the material for the nose syringe was!! Like was it for show? how can they expect for anyone to get a use out of it? In order to get a suction you really need to squeeze hard on it and even like that the suction was sooo weak. I prefer the one you get at the hospital .



This kit has every thing you could think of in it for baby's grooming needs plus a few extras that had never even crossed my mind for a grooming kit. The finger toothbrush is very neat and the reusable thermometer strip is very handy.



I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this set, and excited when it did. Pros- My baby boy really likes the teething items, especially the little finger glove gum massager. I love the idea of the medicine dispensing pacifier, haven't used it though. The bristles on the brush are nice and soft, but a bit too unnecessarily long, in my opinion. The handle makes it easier to keep the nail clippers steady, for me at least. Cons- My fingers are fairly average, but the finger gum massager fits pretty tight on my pointer. I wish it were a little bigger. It bothers me that the medicine dispensing pacifier doesn't come with a cover and it's a bit hard to twist to open. I really wish the kit came with some disposable covers for the digital thermometer. And, biggest con for me, once you take the items out of the plastic, the bag is ridiculously big compared to how much room the items take up. I don't know why I didn't think of or realize that while debating whether to purchase it or not. And it may sound superficial, but I really liked the design of the bag and don't want to fold it over and over until the plastic is worn and stuff it into my already packed diaper bag. I really wish the bag was a more convenient size. Over all, I feel like the kit came with unnecessary items and it'd be better to just stay using the brush, thermometer. and aspirator the hospital gave you, buy a teething necklace and clippers separately, and use the syringe that probably came with your baby's medicine. I would not recommend this to parents on a budget.


Great kit for getting ready for baby

I love this set, it has all the bases covered. My personal favorite thing is the pacifier with medicine dropper in it, so no more struggling to give baby meds when they need them. Great price for everything you get.


good kit

nice kit, we dont use most of the things in it though, but i think with time, i might use them