Glad OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags - Febreze Fresh Clean - 13 Gallon - 40 ct

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Glad OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags - Febreze Fresh Clean - 13 Gallon - 40 ct
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Glad trash bags continuously neutralize odors and have a fresh clean scent.

  • 13 GALLON WHITE PLASTIC TRASH BAGS: Handle daily kitchen and household demands with Glad's ideally sized 13 gallon garbage bag
  • 5 DAY ODOR CONTROL: OdorShield technology guarantees protection against the strongest trash odor, refreshing your kitchen with Fresh Clean scent
  • TALL GARBAGE BAG: Prevent rips and tears with Glad's unique design allowing bag to stretch at top while reinforced bands through middle contain bulk
  • DRAWSTRING TRASH BAG: The drawstring ensures a tight grip on trash cans and makes for a simple removal with a quick cinch of the durable drawstring
  • CLEANING MADE EASY: Glad OdorShield supports an active kitchen and provides a versatile plastic bag to tackle any household or office chore


UPC : 012587783610 - Glad OdorShield Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags - Febreze Fresh Clean - 13 Gallon - 40 ct -

the odor control and the strength of this trash bag helps enormously especially om garbage pickup days to protect against feral cats in the neighborhood from getting in the garbage and spreading it all over the street!


I was completely amazed!

I was in a big hurry on Christmas morning as I was leaving to catch a flight. My daughter and I put 2 bags of trash in our SUV along with our luggage and headed to the airport. We had every intention to drop the trash at the dumpster, but alas we arrived at the airport and realized we had left it in our car! We were very worried about this for 3 days, because by the time we arrived in the parking the shuttle was waiting for us and we did not want to miss our flight. We left the trash in our car. We were the talk of the family during Christmas dinner. HOWEVER, when we arrived back to our car 3 days later we were very pleasantly surprised by how well the Glad Febreeze bags had held up and the very minimal smell that we had in our car. The shuttle driver was laughing and was very impressed also. He was nice enough to take them to the company dumpster for us, but needless to say we could have easily driven the 30 miles back to our home with them in the car because there was NO SMELL! I will never buy another trash bag.


I was completely amazed!

These hold up very well and have some stretch to them even though these aren't the force-flex which I have purchased as well. The pull tie doesn't rip out of the bag, even with a heavy load.


Not as expected

Coming from a life long Glad product user: I began using product from a new box of these bags. Upon removing the first bag from the bin, it split along the side seams. No, it was not overstuffed nor had sharp edges inside. I covered that with a second bag to get it out of the kitchen and that bag also split along the sides. This normally is a satisfactory product to get my dry recyclables to the bin, but not this box. Im very disappointed with it and will not continue to use this unreliable bag further. Side note: Scent is far too heavy for my personal taste. Let it smell, we can empty the trash more often. Thank you.


Terrible chemical smell

My family recently bought the Glad Febreeze "Fresh Clean" scent, and it smells absolutely terrible every time we open the garbage can. The garbage bags have an overpowering chemical smell that we can smell in the next room; it is not a pleasant smell in the least bit. We are very disappointed because we have been happy with previous Glad odorless products, however will not be buying this particular product again due to the intolerable smell.