Old Spice Classic Original Scent Deodorant for Men, 3.25 oz

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Old Spice Classic Original Scent Deodorant for Men, 3.25 oz
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Smell fantastic all day when you wear Old Spice Classic Original Scent Stick Deodorant. This flagship product provides you with a reliable formula in stick form that goes on clear and provides you with superior under arm protection. Whether you are on your way to work or to the gym, Old Spice classic deodorant will leave you feeling and smelling fresh.

Old Spice Classic Original Scent Deodorant for Men, 3.25 oz

  • Old Spice Classic Original Deodorant reduces underarm odor for 24 hours
  • So easy to use you might accidentally put it on and only later realize your man-nificence
  • The citrus and clove scents of Original are often imitated but never duplicated
  • Increases your ability to sense other dimensions


Green, not blue. Smells like mosquito repellent.

My last several Old Spice deodorants were "Original High Endurance" and was blue (UPC 0 1204403888 0). I assumed this was the same scent since this also says Original. Since it was a 2 pack, it was wrapped so I couldn't check color or smell. Got home and discovered t's light green, not blue and smells like OFF with Deet. This stuff is terrible. UPC on the new DEET smell is 0 12044438970 6.


Clean and light

Great stick here! Long lasting clean fresh scent, no heavy perfumes, great for those that work hard, sweat hard, and don't want to smell like a teen body spray locker room



Nothing in your current product line smells like classic white solid. You are marketing product that says it is the same scent, but it is not. Please bring back the original classic white solid anti perspiring deodorant.


The good stuff

By far my favorite deodorant. I have been using it since I was a young teenager. The scent is refreshing and not overwhelming. I have never had it gum up or strain/bleach my clothes. It’s deodorant not antiperspirant so yes you sweat however it actually seems to smell better when you sweat a little.


Classic Original Scent antiperspirant deodorant

Why was The Classic Original Scent antiperspirant deodorant discontinued? What will it take to bring it back? I used it over 50 years and it was perfect for me. I tried several other kind and they are no where near the same. They are sticky and make me feel uncomfortable. Reading the reviews, please bring it back. Please respond.