S.O.S. Survival Food Bars, 3600 Calories

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S.O.S. Survival Food Bars, 3600 Calories
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These S.O.S. Survival Food Bars are handy to have on long trips in the great outdoors, on road trips or on camping trips. These bars are vitamin infused to meet nutrition needs and keep your energized while satisfying your hunger. They do not provoke thirst in case your beverage and water supplies are limited. The S.O.S. food bars have 3,600 calories each, and they also have a five-year shelf-life, making them ideal for emergency food storage.

S.O.S. Survival Food Bars, 3600 Calories:
  • Vitamized and not thirst provoking
  • Has a 5-year extended shelf life
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved


Serves intended purpose, non-offensive taste

This product accomplishes its purpose, densely providing lots of calories for emergency situation and having a long shelf life despite high temperature variation. The 18 separate bars inside the package are wrapped with something like cling wrap, and taste like sorta-bland mildly-coconut flavored crumbly shortbread. I agree that the bars are not especially thirst provoking. The bland taste profile is probably deliberate; just like with saltine crackers I can imagine keeping these down even if nauseous, which is appropriate for "lifeboat rations". Note: The full shelf life is contingent on the outer (plasticized blue foil) packaging being airtight. If the outer package does not appear vacuum sealed, or individual internal bars can freely slide against each other, then the outer packaging is not airtight.


great taste

I have never tried a food like this before. They were great. They taste a lot like a almond cookie from a Chinese restaurant , except not as dry. They have a little bit of a coconut taste also. I do not think you could eat a jar of peanut butter without having some milk to wash it down. Do not try them the taste is addicting and we ate them all.


Ad is misleading

Food bar is not 3600 calories. There are 18 bars that total 3600 calories and SOS website has them listed for $5 and something. More calories in a jar of peanut butter and there is no list of ingredients.



Good to carry in the car or day hikes just in case something happens.



Take as directed works well to stave off hunger.