Palmer's Shea Butter Formula Balm 7.25 Oz []

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Palmer's Shea Butter Formula Balm 7.25 Oz []
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Nature's treatment for soft, radiant skin; Unique solid formula; With vitamin E
Size:Pack of 1 Shea butter moisturizes and nourishes your skin naturally. It penetrates deep into the skin, improving elasticity and providing a long-lasting natural glow. Skin will look and feel satiny soft. Vitamin E provides additional moisturizing benefits. Ideal for feet, elbows and knees.



I've been trying to find the exact one pictured here, the one with the green label. Apparently that is the old formula, which I like better. It had a very sweet, distinctive smell. This one doesn't smell bad, it almost doesn't have a smell. To some that's probably a good thing. Other than that, it works pretty well, again, not as good as the other formula. I just wish they would send me what is pictured!


Using this in recipes with essential oils.

This is hard to find in the stores. WalMart should keep more in stock!


Helps Dry, Flaky Skin

My dry skin isn't too bad, but it can be annoying and kind of embarrassing because it's right between my eyebrows and the end of my nose. After two applications, once a day, my dry skin was completely gone. I have taken to using it on the rest of my body. I usually use it every other day. It's a little greasy, but if you apply it lightly, you should be fine.


Rough skin remedy

I have carpenter's hands--rough and dry. The skin on my feet is rough and often cracked. I've spent lots of money on various products--even prescription creams--but nothing else even comes close. And it's cheap too! But even if it were more costly, I'd buy it because nothing else provides the long-lasting relief and therapy this does. It's best if applied just before going to bed so socks and shoes and normal hand washing don't wear it off too quickly. This and Palmer's Shae Butter Soap have revolutionized my skin. It's becoming more difficult to find so I stock up whenever I can.


The item that ships is not the one pictured

The one that ships is the new formulation in the brown container. Buyer beware