SlimFast Original Ready to Drink Meal Replacement Shakes, Strawberries & Cream, 11 fl. oz., 8 pack

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SlimFast Original Ready to Drink Meal Replacement Shakes, Strawberries & Cream, 11 fl. oz., 8 pack
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SlimFast Strawberries and Cream Meal Replacement Shakes are clinically proven to help you lose weight and keep it off when used as part of the SlimFast Plan. The plan includes two delicious SlimFast meal replacement shakes or bars per day, one balanced 500-calorie meal per day, and three tasty snacks, such as fruit, veggies, or SlimFast snack bars, per day.


SlimFast Ready-to-Drink is Fantastic

Slim Fast ready to drink shakes are the perfect breakfast for me because I don't have time to sit and eat, and it keeps me from buying fast food breakfast on the go. The taste is amazing as well; I love the strawberry flavor.


This flavor is the best

I don't get sick of drinking this shake and it's been a while now. It is very delicious and filling. Also, Walmart has the best price hands down. FYI The cappuccino flavor is horrible! Chocolate is pretty good.


weight loss

Now if you want to loose weight drink the slim fast the strawberry is great. I lost 10 pounds in two week. But I stop drinking it because that is all the weight I wanted to loose. I really does work. Have patience I want work over night. And when you drink it walk or run on the treadmill if you don't have one then just walk for 1 hour or more every day. You will see the difference.


Strawberry slim fast

Slim Fast has really got wonderful flavors now, and Strawberry is one of them. It is true for me that they keep me satisfied for at least 4 hours, and maybe more. I love all of the flavors of Slim Fast, and I have it every day for dinner, and the weight continues to come off.


Tastes Great

I am not big on the milk shake diets mainly because I hate the taste of milk. However, these strawberry shakes are really quite tasty. AND my husband loves them so it’s a win/win! If you like the old strawberry quick mix, you will like these.