Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product 2 lbs 1 oz No. 10 Can

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Augason Farms Dried Whole Egg Product 2 lbs 1 oz No. 10 Can
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Augason Farms Dried Whole Eggs lets you always have eggs available. With no refrigeration required, it is ideal for camping, emergency food storage or even everyday use. This whole powdered-eggs product, 33 oz, can be used in baking and cooking, as well. For example, you can use them in omelets, French toast, bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, etc. It provides all the wholesome goodness of the regular food, but with the convenience of a long shelf life. This Augason Farms emergency food whole eggs dried egg product is USDA inspected and approved. It is easy to transport and can be stored when not in use. You get 71 servings per package, so you can cook many omelets or other dishes. This Augason Farms Dried Whole Eggs product has 70 calories per serving. Crafted with a focus on taste and health, it is manufactured to the highest standards.

  • 72 Servings
  • 5,760 Calories
  • Perfect for Food Storage, Emergencies, Survival, Camping, and Everyday Use!
  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Up to a 10 Year Shelf Life!


Great product for emergency and everyday use

I made this tonight and it was good . I made them plane without adding salt or pepper. They tasted ok plain. I recommend adding salt and pepper wile cooking and adding more water than it states . Like 1 cup of eggs to 1.25 cups of water. I also made French Toast with it. It was really good like the real thing no difference. The meat was caned ham. It is called D A K fully cooked premium ham.



I tried out this product and in the beginning I was skeptical because when I mixed it with water it did not smell or look like beaten eggs. However, when I cooked them they turned into EGGS, really nice scrambled eggs! I seasoned them just like I would any eggs and it tasted just like it. The first time I found them to be a little more firm than I was used to, so the next time I added a little extra water (which is exactly what I do to regular eggs to make them more fluffy) and it did help to soften them up a little. I am really happy with the outcome of this product. I crave eggs sometimes, but there are always part of a carton left sitting in the fridge for a long time getting old before I crave eggs again. Having this product takes care of the problem. I don't have to worry about eggs getting old and they will always be available when I'm ready for them.


Love this!

Love this? Saatee some onions and peppers or use for baking.. I dont always eat eggs but when I do, i cook for everyone! Dont have to worry about it spoiling while I am waiting to use more eggs.❤️


Can't tell the difference!

With the price of milk and eggs going up, decided to try the eggs after buying the milk. Just cooked some and while it did have a bit of a more orangy color, as they cooked they turned more they look normal. I made scrambled and was so surprised at how good they were. You really cannot tell the difference by looks, taste and smell (as they are less smelly than real eggs). I'm going to try them for French toast tomorrow and when I bread chicken cutlets. Also look forward to using them for baking as Christmas is upon us. Highly recommend them - am very impressed!



I MADE MYSELF AN """OMELET""" JUST TO SEE IF IT REALY TASTES AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED AND """IT REALLY DOES"". I have had dried eggs before and could only use them for baking. This product is super.